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Sustainable Food Service Disposables:
Today, more and more Food Service establishments are using Green packaging and processes in their operations. Products which are compostable and biodegradable are in great demand today. In the past these products were significantly more expensive than non Green alternatives, that gap is narrowing. Products such as cutlery, plates, cups & lids as well as fiber and plastic hinged containers are now available in an environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative. While most items are not third party certified, some items are. Green Seal and Ecologo both have specifications for napkins. The USDA also has an approval process for many items which it started several years ago called BioPreferred. While this is still a fairly new program, it already has specifications for categories like cutlery, containers and napkins.

Our goal at Leonard Paper is to provide our customers with a selection of environmentally friendly disposable products. In order to help you better understand this constantly changing segment of the packaging business, we are providing this information so you can make a better informed buying decision. By purchasing products that are more ecologically responsible, you contribute to a healthier world not only today but for future generations!

Some Background:
As you already know, we at Leonard have been heavily involved with Green cleaning for many years. Our comprehensive program for commercial building owners, property managers and building service contractors has lead us to be a leader in Green cleaning expertise within the marketplace. This knowledge and expertise is now being used in the Food Service disposables segment of our business.

When someone says their product is Green what does that mean to you? Ask three different people and you will probably get three different definitions! When we use the term Green product we mean a product that has less impact on the environment in some way than a similar item. Any manufacturer can claim their product is Green but the proof is in the examination of the claims they make!

Current Product Offering:
We are currently stocking many environmentally friendly items for cleaning and maintenance as well as Food Service packaging.

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